Quick Results for Ronin14 Event

Quick Results for Ronin14 Event

Here are the quick results for April 29th’s #Ronin14 that took place at Broward College South Campus:

Aaron Epic defeated AR Fox.

Teddy Stigma defeated Evan Gelistico and Jon Cruz in triple threat action.

Main Man Malken with Amy Rose defeated Arik Cannon

In 8-man tag team action, the team of Shane Stirckland, Jason Cade, Jay Rios and Mr. 450 defeated the team of TECH, Donovan Danhausen and Everett Connors

Martin Stone defeated Gary Jay.

In women’s wrestling action, Aria Blake defeated Veda Scott and Angel Rose

Alex Chamberlain defeated Caleb Konley in our main event to retain the Ronin Heavyweight Championship

Thank you to all the fans who came out to Ronin14, and we will see you back again on June 10th for Ronin15! Stay tuned for more information about Ronin15 here at RoninProWrestling.com !