Quick results for July 25th’s Ronin 7

Quick results for July 25th’s Ronin 7

In our opening tag team match, we saw the team of Jon Cruz and Jay Rios, better known as Team Lucha, defeat TECH (TC Read and Mike Monroe with Jim Sherbert at ringside).

In our second match of the evening, “The Lounge Lizard” Maxwell Chicago defeated “The #Warrior” Edward Malken.

Martin Stone made his Ronin Pro Wrestling debut in the following match, by defeating Aaron Solo.

In tag team action, we saw the team of Aron Agony and Gabriel Black pull out a a big win against Deimos and his tag partner, Mark Silva.

Our next match on the card was the tag team tables match! Monster Tarver and Jeff Boom were able to put Eddie Graves of the Savages, through a table. After the bell was rung and the match was over, Boom took it upon himself to blindside his tag partner, leaving Tarver flat on his face. We’ll try to get some words from Jeff Boom regarding  his actions very soon..

Bucky Wells picked up a quick win in his match against Alex Greene. Unfortunately, his post match celebration didn’t last very long. The team of BJ Murdoch and Barrington Hughes, now known as the Heavy Hearts, rushed the ring and brutalize the victor, Bucky Wells.

Mr. 450 pinned Lince Dorado after pulling Lince’s mask off. A true luchadore will never reveal his true identity to the public, and Dorado did what he could to keep his face covered. Mr. 450 used that questionable tactic to his advantage.

Women’s wrestling returned to the Ronin squared circle, as Leva Bates (WWE/NXT’s “Blue Pants”) beat Angel Rose with her patent second rope pedigree.

Donovan defeated Alex Chamberlain, Jessy Sorensen and Joey Bricco in our main event fatal four way match to be crowned Ronin Pro Wrestling’s inaugural Heavyweight Champion!

We return to BC South Campus gymnasium on September 26th for #Ronin8! Check out information here on our website or on our Facebook!