Official Results for Ronin 5!

Official Results for Ronin 5!

In the opening tag team match, Trevor “TC” Read and Mike Monroe alongside their manager, Jim Sherbert, defeated Aron Agony and Gabriel Black.

Deimos defeated BJ Murdoch after nailing Murdoch with a Powerbomb.

Dash Maverick defeated Alex Greene via submission.

Teddy Stigma accompanied by Trina Michaels and Amy Rose, defeated Jeff Boom.

After intermission, Mr. 450 defeated Lince Dorado, Aaron Solo, and Mikaze in a fatal four way match via pinfall on Solo.

In our semi-main event match, which earlier in the show became a No DQ match, Monster Tarver defeated Eddie Graves via pinfall after delivering his right hook punch.

Special Guest commissioner, Mick Foley, was out at Ringside to be special enforcer during the main event. Alex Chamberlin, Jesse Soresen and “The Hashtag Warrior” Edward Malken defeated Donovan, “The Fitness Guru” Joey Bricco, and Romeo Roselli, when Jesse Soresen pinned Bricco after hitting his signature superkick!