Match Results for September 3rd’s #Ronin12

Match Results for September 3rd’s #Ronin12

Commissioner Golden Sheik greeted the crowd and announced that at our next event, #Ronin13, we will be crowning a new Ronin Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion! Alex Chamberlain will be taking on Martin Stone. The winner of that match will be our Ronin Champion!

In our opening tag team match, Team Lucha (Jay Rios and Jon Cruz) picked up the win against, Beauty and The Beast (Rob Matter and Stevie Fierce)!

Donovan Danhausen picked up his first win here at Ronin Pro Wrestling by pinning Main Man Malken after hitting a flying knee!

In women’s wrestling action, Angel Rose defeated Veda Scott!

Aaron Epic remains undefeated here at Ronin Pro Wrestling after hitting the flipping piledriver on Teddy Stigma!

TECH managed by Jim Sherbert defeated BETA (Matt Knicks and Craig Mitchell) in tag team action!

Martin Stone beat the debuting Matt Palmer in singles competition. Following the match, Ronin’s very own, Kid Cadet entered the ring to interview Stone and get his thoughts on his upcoming title match with Alex Chamberlain. Alex Chamberlain made his way ringside with a mic in his hand and a few choice words for his Ronin13 opponent. Before it got physical, Stone was sent to the back. Sonjay Dutt made his way to the ring to take on Alex Chamberlain.

In Semi-Main Event action, things didn’t go the way Chamberlain intended. With a knocked down referee, Alex Chamberlain took it upon himself to finish Sonjay by any means necessary. Things weren’t looking good for Dutt, as Chamberlain had a steel in chair in his hand. Martin Stone made his way back to ringside to prevent Chamberlain from doing any real damage and giving Sonjay enough time to recoup. As a result. Sonjay Dutt pinned Alex Chamberlain after hitting a top rope splash!

In our Fatal Four Way Main Event featuring Lince Dorado, Mr. 450, Brian Cage and Jason Cade, Mr. 450 was victorious after pinning Jason Cade after delivering his signature 450 Splash.