Match Results For Ronin13 || January 14th, 2017

Match Results For Ronin13 || January 14th, 2017

Commissioner Sheik opened the evening up to welcome the fans to Ronin13 and to discuss the plans for tonight’s Main Event Title match. He revealed that Alex Chamberlain still must compete for the Ronin Heavyweight Title tonight, and his opponent will be Sonjay Dutt. And if that wasn’t a big enough match already, the Commissioner added a “No Disqualifications” stipulation to the match!

In the opening match, Darby Allin picked up the win over Paul Briggs.

In triple threat action, Main Man Malken picked up the win over Joey Ryan and Donovan Danhausen. Unlike the #Warrior we’ve been used to seeing, Malken blindsided Joey Ryan following the match. After hitting his signature double underhook neckbreaker on Ryan, Main Man Malken grabbed the microphone and informed everyone that it’s a New Year, and this is a New Malken..

Aria Blake was successful in her debut at Ronin13, taking on ACR/ Amanda Rodriguez. Blake picked the win via roll-up.

Su Yung picked up the win for her team (TECH’s TC Read and Mike Monroe) in six person tag team action, by pinning Angel Rose after hitting her fireman’s carry Michinoku Driver. After Su Yung and TECH made it back to the locker rooms, the crowd applauded the efforts brought by the LWO (Jay Rios, Jon Cruz, and Angel Rose).

Following intermission, Aaron Epic and Teddy Stigma continued where they left off back at Ronin 12. It looked like Teddy Stigma had this one in the bag, but Epic had some other tricks up his sleeve. With the ref distracted, Aaron Epic brought a steel chair into play, but not how you’d expect. Aaron Epic threw the foreign object to Stigma, right before collapsing on the canvas. During the confusion, the referee turned back around to notice the knocked out Epic next to the chair wielding Stigma and made the decision to disqualify Teddy Stigma.

Our Semi-Main Event match saw DJ Z/Zema Ion take on AR Fox in singles competition for the first time ever. Both men were able to showcase their unique offense in this high flying exhibition. In the end, Fox got the pinfall victory over DJ Z!

Alex Chamberlain couldn’t even wait for Sonjay Dutt to make it the ring and the two men began the Main Event match brawling on the stage. Commissioner Sheik was at ringside to watch the match and award the championship to the winner. These two men battled all over the gymnasium, even taking the action outside of the building. Security was working hard to keep the crowd back as Dutt and Chamberlain used practically anything they could get their hands on to punish each other. It became so intense, Chamberlain commanded security staff to loosen the ropes that enclose the ring. After using the top rope in a way many fans have never seen used to inflict pain, Chamberlain made his intentions clear as he began to rip the canvas and padding off the ring.. completely exposing the hardwood underside! In the end, Alex Chamberlain was able to put down Sonjay Dutt for the three count after delivering a devastating piledriver on the exposed wood and to become the NEW Ronin Heavyweight Champion!